28. Juni 2019

Perspectives on Couple Research
The Final Workshop of the Junior Research Group

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September 2017

Jenny Schrödl / Magdalena Beljan / Maxi Grotkopp (Hrsg.):
“Kunst-Paare. Historische, ästhetische und politische Dimensionen”, Berlin 2017.


19th May 2017


Relation Works between image and performance

1 – 6:30 o’clock, Institute of Theater Studies, Freie Universität Berlin


A Workshop with:

Lisa Newman (Ballyvaughan): 1+1=3: The Creation of the Third Identity in Intimate Collaborative Performance

deufert&plischke (Berlin): Inbetween: The Artistwin’s correspondences

plan b – belasco & new (Berlin): you, me and everywhere we go – performing dialogues, performing archives

Amelia Jones (Los Angeles): Relation Works: Ulay’s Performativity, from Intimacy to Antagonism


Open to the public. RSVP: (Maxi Grotkopp)

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19th April 2017

Maxi Grotkopp: “The genius of the dyad: Performance Art Couples from the 1960s until today”

Paper given at the conference: “Beyond Genius and Muse. Collaborating Couples“ (University of Bristol)


3. March 2017

Feeling Close.

A Workshop on the History of Intimacy in the 20th Century

2 – 6.30 p.m., Institute of Theater Studies, FU Berlin

Open to the public. RSVP: (Magdalena Beljan)


Magdalena Beljan (Kunst-Paare / MPI for Human Development, Berlin): Introduction

Claire Langhamer (University of Sussex): Trust, Authenticity and Bigamy in Twentieth century Britain

Christa Hämmerle (University of Vienna): “I also close my eyes and imagine to feel your kiss now.” ‘Doing love’ and strategies of embodiment in couple´s wartime correspondences (1914/18 and 1938/45)

Jonathan Katz (University at Buffalo): Johns + Rauschenberg:  How to Be Both Queer and Invisible in Public

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30. September 2016

“Artist Couples from the 19th Century to the Present Days”

Session at the GSA Conference 2016 (San Diego, California) organized by JRG “Art Couples” in cooporation with DFG-Project “Couples and Strategies of Partnership in 19th Century Musical Culture” (Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg)

Christine Fornoff (Oldenburg): German-Speaking Discourse on the Musician Marriage (Musikerehe) in the Long 19th Century

Magdalena Beljan (Berlin):  Love Stories? Artist Couples and the History of Emotions in the Early 20th Century

Maxi Grotkopp (Berlin): Work Love Not War! Performance Art Couples From the 1960s Until Today

Moderator: Derek Hillard (Kansas State University)

Commentator: Henning Marmulla (Universität Luxemburg)


30. April – 11. Juni 2016


ULAY/ABRAMOVIC 1975 – 1983

Works from a Private Collection
Exhibition at Galerie Michael Janssen

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Summer Semester 2016

Seminar “Duos: historical, aesthetical and political Dimensions”, Institute of Theater Studies (FU Berlin), Tues. 4-8pm, Prof. Dr. Jenny Schrödl

Seminar “Relation Works: The art couple Abramović & Ulay”, Institute of Theater Studies (FU Berlin),Mon 4-6 pm, Maxi Grotkopp


3.-5.March 2016

Symposium “Re/produktionsmaschine Kunst: Kategorisierungen des Körpers in den Darstellenden Künsten” (JGU Mainz) in cooperation with the JRG “Kunst-Paare”

Presentations on 4. March 2016, 13.45-15.15 at the Auditorium Maximum  (Forum Universitatis, JGU Mainz)

Jenny Schrödl: “Re/Produktionsmaschine Paar? Dekonstruktionen von Beziehungsbildern in der Gegenwartskunst”

Magdalena Beljan: “Das Unbehagen an der Biographie. Künstlerpaare und die Geschichte der Gefühle im 20. Jahrhundert”

Maxi Grotkopp: “”…daß ich eins und doppelt bin…” – Ähnliche Differenzen bei Abramović und Ulay”



Winter Semester 2015/16

Seminar “Couples. Theories and Practices in Theater, Performance and other Arts”, Institute of Theater Studies (FU Berlin), Tues. 2-4pm, Prof. Dr. Jenny Schrödl


20.-21. November 2015

Workshop “Couples. Performing Relationships in the Arts”

Institute of Theater Studies (FU Berlin), Grunewaldstr. 35, 12165 Berlin-Steglitz, Germany (Lecture Hall)

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2. October 2015

Presentation at the GSA Conference (Washington, D.C.)

Magdalena Beljan: “Beloved Bodies? On the Visualization of Love among Artists in the 20th Centuries”


13. June 2015

Presentation at the “Long Night of Sciences” (at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin)

Magdalena Beljan: “Fotografierte Gefühle? Zum Stellenwert von Bildern in der Emotionsgeschichte”


12. June 2015

Keynote at “Körper-Bilder / Bilder-Körper. Mediale Repräsentationen von Geschlecht in Tanz und Performance der Gegenwart” (Institute of Theater Studies, FU Berlin, 2-7pm, Lecture Hall)

Jenny Schrödl: “Kings & Boys. Zur Aneignung medialer Bilder in Drag Performances”


Summer Semester 2015

Seminar “Love Relationships. Theoretical Issues and Artistic Stagings” (“Liebesbeziehungen. Theoretische Ansätze & künstlerische Inszenierungen”), Institute of Theater Studies (FU Berlin), Tues. 2-4pm, SR III, Prof. Dr. Jenny Schrödl

Seminar “(De)construction of Gender in Theater and Performance”, Institute of Theater Studies (FU Berlin), Tues. 4-6pm, Lecture Hall, Prof. Dr. Jenny Schrödl